SBI Business Training

The SBI Institute offers a variety of training seminars in half day to two day formats to best fit your needs; with our tailored programs that are taught by c-level and senior executives from Fortune 500 pedigree companies as well as entrepreneurs.

A few of the subject matters available for presentation are:

  • The Leadership Continuum – as a process-roles and responsibilities of leaders
  • Business Process Integration – tools companies utilize today
  • Continuous Improvement – in service organizations
  • Continuous improvement – in small businesses
  • Effective communications – in the workplace
  • Paperwork Processes – getting a handle on the beast
  • Valuing the Customer – understanding the Customers Expectation

Our programs are designed to provide practical knowledge and principles that you and your people can put into effect immediately and will make a visible impact on the operation.
To learn more about the benefits and our approach contact us.