SBI College Modules

The Modules produced by the SBI Institute have been developed by trained educators so that they will fit seamlessly into your current process.

Programs Objectives Content Instructional Strategies Program Duration (hrs) Target
Valuing the Customer – Meeting the customers expectations Understanding the expectations of corporations and entrepreneurs Corporate expectations, customers, identification, customer relationships at all levels, meeting expectations, navigation of corporate/ entrepreneurial system, climate and culture Interactive instruction,  active listening and learning, authentic assessments, pre and post assessments, graphic organizers 8 Juniors, Seniors, Graduates
Management Tactics and dealing with the politics Understanding the unwritten rules of the game and how to play effectively Identifying the culture and key decision makers, importance of the tactics, measuring tools for success, political interaction in the workplace, extracurricular activities and some rules of engagement Interactive instruction,  brainstorming, discussion, authentic assessments, problem solving scenarios, creative and critical thinking activities 4 Juniors, Seniors, Graduates
Performance vs. Relationships and the importance of both Learning to manage relationships and expectations  in organizations, develop sensitivity to cultural similarities and differences Managing performance, establishing relationships and negating potential workplace conflict Interactive instruction-authentic assessments, diversity scenarios 4 Juniors, Seniors, Graduates
The Leadership Continuum – as a process-roles and responsibilities of leaders Defining the roles and responsibilities of leaders at the 3 levels of the continuum Differences between leadership and management, Defining the roles of each, setting the vision, mission and strategy, AAR’s, rewards systems Interactive instruction, authentic assessments-Vision To Execution Model, graphic organizers 16 Juniors, Seniors, Graduates
Business Ethics – in todays world Maintaining an ethical performance in an unethical environment Accounting practices, customers, emails, work place relationships, Keeping commitments, timeliness, after work responsibilities Interactive Instruction, worksheets, scenarios, active listening and learning, critical thinking activities 8 Juniors, Seniors, Graduates
Business Process Integration -Tools companies utilize today How to align new tools, systems, and processes from corporate America  into curriculums Understanding business operating systems, and such tools as lean, six sigma, sarbox, etc, and learning while at the university Interactive instruction,  active listening and learning, post test assessments 16 Seniors, Graduates
Managing Upward – Getting your ideas and thoughts heard in organizations Methods of getting  superiors, and peers to support your efforts and receiving  recognition Getting your ideas and thoughts implemented from day 1 and throughout your career Interactive instruction, post test assessments 4 Juniors, Seniors, Graduates
Selecting Mentors – Choosing the right ones for career success Expectations and methods for selecting the proper mentors to help guide individuals through your career Understanding the relationship. How to select mentors throughout your career, How many mentors are feasible, what to expect from mentors Interactive instruction, scenarios, post test assessments, cooperative learning 4 Seniors, Graduates
Your First Job – The road from student to leader, How to get there Preparing the graduates for the transition from college to corporate life or entrepreneurship, develop commitment to social and professional responsibilities Skills Inventories, business etiquette, dress and  grooming, interviewing skills, resume preparation, job search, negotiating offer, relocation Interactive instruction(discovery maps), scenarios, authentic assessments, pre and post assessments 16 Seniors, Graduates
College Survival – Staying for the journey A practitioner’s view of corporate America and/or being an entrepreneur Real–life survival stories, scholarship research, finding money, taking responsibilities for your actions, goal setting, maximizing self esteem, defining your values Interactive instruction 8 Freshmen, Sophomores
Business Success for professionals Prepare doctors, lawyers and other professionals with entrepreneurial tools for success. Understanding how to prepare a entrepreneurial practice.  Leadership, reduce waste and redundancy and branding. Interactive instruction, post test assessments, 8 Law school and medical students
History of Minorities in Management within Corporate America and as successful entrepreneurs. Provide a history of minorities in management roles and  as entrepreneurs over the past 40 years. Understanding the history of access to management, color barriers and the chosen few. Interactive instruction, scenarios, post test assessments, cooperative learning 8 HBCU’s