SBI Institute for High School

Preparing High School Graduates for the Future

With the extension of our continuum to the secondary education level we wanted to ensure that preparation and awareness for careers starts earlier. Our programs provide the necessary road maps to prepare individuals for a career of their choice.  The programs are not designed to be stand alone from any of your current curriculums but will enhance the desired results of higher graduation rates and better preparation for life after high school!  All of our content and assessment tools are based on practical applications and are designed for results whether students have a desire to attend college or not.

SBI Modules for High School help students with:

  • skills inventory assessment
  • goal setting,
  • confidence and self-esteem,
  • more clarity about career choices,
  • enhanced study skills and work habits

The Programs produced by the SBI Institute have been developed by PhDs, senior leaders from corporate America, military officers and entrepreneurs.

See detailed SBI sample High School Modules here.

Program Benefits
  • SBI provides a systematic approach to developing leaders
  • Our programs will help address many of the reasons why children dropout
  • Our programs are design to better prepare students for college or career of their choice by learning core leadership principles
  • Our programs will not address every reason for why students dropout, but will help reduce the dropout rate